What are the different types of MBA programs in India?

What are the Different types of MBA Programs in India

What are the different types of MBA programs, different types of MBA programs, different types of MBA programs in India

What are the different types of MBA programs in India?

MBA, or Master in Business Administration, consists of a program of curriculum that provides a foundation in the core concepts of different areas of business that includes management, finance, human resource, marketing, supply chain management etc.

An MBA degree allows a person to gain management skills and learn how to successfully manage, lead, organize and adapt in a variety of business environments.

There are many different types of MBA programs available in top business schools of India. It’s important to understand them to assess which program is most suitable for your requirements and goals. Once you get an idea, you can explore your options further.

Full-Time MBA Program

This is the most common and preferred MBA course pursued in India. This program is usually of the duration of 1-2 years. Students need to attend classes on the regular basis at a business school and will need to dedicate 1-2 years of their life while studying for this degree. This program is incredibly intensive and allow participants to immerse in their studies.

Accelerated MBA Program

This is similar to full-time MBA Program apart from the fact that the course duration is only of 1 year. There is less time in semesters and the summer break is also much shorter.

Students can expect a higher study load and a more intensive class schedule. These courses are suitable for those having a few years of work experience.

Part-Time or Weekend MBA Program

It is a full-time MBA course studied over three or more years. It is preferred among working professionals because it let them attend classes on the weekends or weekday evenings. The only drawback of this program is that it takes longer to complete.

Executive MBA Program

This program is specially designed for working professionals who want to enhance their skill set  and meet the current industry standards. This program is of 2 years duration and and is reserved for executives with eight or more than 8 years of experience. Classes are usually on the weekends or weekday evenings.

The curriculum for such courses are specifically designed to meet the corporate expectations & helps bringing up industry leaders of tomorrow.

Distance Learning MBA Program

It’s another option for busy and working professionals. The course allows one to take classes online and is less intensive. Since there is no regular classes involved, coursework may be completed on your own schedule.

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