WAT | Written Ability Test for top Business Schools

WAT | Written Ability Test for top Business Schools

Written Ability Test | WAT | The New Trend

MBA selection process are around  the corner and you better be prepared if you intend to land in Top MBA Colleges of India. Written Ability Test is now part of the selection process for IIMs and top Business Schools in India. It is pen paper based test of time varying from 15 to 30 minutes.

Written Ability Test (WAT) is  very trending these days and many of Best MBA Institutes have replaced Group Discussion with WAT to shortlist candidates. Except for 2 IIMs all have done the same replacing GD by WAT.

Business School’s realised that the WAT is a better testing process as compared to Group Discussion where the aspirants can be more expressive  on their views.


WAT Tips

WAT is a new trend.

The most important thing to understand is that you are not writing for yourself. You wouldn’t want to ignore the reader, in this case the selector. Also keep in mind that whatever you write can be a part of your Personal Interview Process.

It is very important to grab the reader’s attention in the very first paragraph, so be very clear in your  thoughts about what you are writing. A systematic presentation of your ideas  is what is required so that you are capable of concluding at the end.

WAT is a no piece of cake to clear, when it comes to selection process of top Business Schools. Knowledge is the which will lay the foundation for the same. Get your ideas and facts straight before writing. Recall quotes if you can and which is relevant to what you are writing.

One paragraph should be used to represent only one thought chain of yours. Don’t contradict yourself in a same paragraph.

The reader don’t take much time to read your written content. It is very important for you to write simple and precise content. Don’t just fill the essay with figure of speeches only. Excessive use of these speeches will distract the reader and he will not be able to understand the views you are trying to elaborate and a confused leader wouldn’t do you any good.

Don’t also forget that the clock is ticking. You are bound by time so be very careful in utilizing it well. You would definitely want to keep up with the minimum word limit line.

Try to project positive thought process instead of having a negative approach.

At the last of the essay, it is very important to conclude. The essay won’t be worth it if  you are not able to come to a conclusion. Try giving out a message to the reader. The message which you can’t hand it off in a group discussion.


WAT Topics 2018

Top MBA Colleges of India mostly are prone to ask topics on current affairs. A successful writing ability Test is based on the foundation of knowledge so you better be prepared for a few topics mentioned below

  1. Demonetization in India. Is the decision justified?
  2. Goods and service Tax  (GST)
  3. Cricket is cannibalizing the space of other sports in India
  4. Sometimes wars are required to ensure peace. Justify
  5. Advertising is legalized lying


With all the tips in hand, I believe you are well prepared for the selection process for Top Management Institutes.