Two Sides of Affiliate Marketing – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

What is affiliate marketing?

Refer someone to any online product and get the commission when the person buys the product with your recommendation. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative way to earn money online. Now let’s discuss how affiliate marketing works from the experts of top b school in Delhi

1 Online shopper decides to buy a product

2 With the efforts of publisher or marketer he gets on an affiliate site

3 The affiliate site takes him to merchant site

4 Shopper buys the product

5 Merchant gives commission to publisher for his efforts

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to promote the product of other company through an affiliate network. If you have a product and want to increase its sales, you can offer a monetary incentive with an affiliate programme. If you don’t have any product but want to make money online, then you can promote a product and get the commission.

Factors involved in affiliate marketing-

1 Merchant

Merchant is known as the creator/reseller/distributor of the product. A merchant can be a big company or a small individual who have a product to sell.

2 Publisher

The publisher promotes the product by attracting potential customers to buy the merchant’s product. The publisher can also be an entire company or a single individual.

3 Network

A network is one of the important factor affecting affiliate marketing. Network works as an intermediary between the merchant and the publisher. It also acts as a database of products.

4 Consumer

The ultimate buyer of the product or the customer. There won’t be any commision without the sale of the product in affiliate marketing.

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