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Things to be kept in mind during Interview

Are you studying at top MBA college in Delhi ? Then you must be aware of 90-90 rule of an interview, which says 90% of your behaviour would be judged on 90 seconds of your conduct. So it’s necessary for you to give your best in those 90 seconds. These 90 seconds would be crucial for any candidate as the decision of interviewer can make the life.

Students of top b-school in Delhi are taught how to keep calm in an interview. You could also be prepared, like the students of NDIM. Just keep calm and remember to follow below tips to clear your interview.

1. Prepare well in advance

Keep yourself updated with the hot trends and current affairs. It will help you narrate any story or example when interviewer asks you a question and give them a judgement that a candidate keeps himself updated with what's going on in the society.

2. Study about the Company

Study well in advance about the company. It’s history, presence, size, etc. to answer the question of your interviewer “What you know about the company”. Try to search the name of interviewer and use it during interview

3. Be punctual

You must reach the interview venue at least 15 minutes early to represent your punctuality. It leaves a good impression on the interviewer and shows that the candidate respect the time

4. Formal attire

Always wear formal clothes, look well groomed and look like a professional. Remember, Your dress speaks before you talk. You should never be overdressed or underdressed and wear clean ironed clothes that fit.

5. Keep calm

Keep yourself calm and don't be nervous. Your body language says a lot about you. Use proper gestures, have a smile on your face and maintain eye contact with the interviewer. You should look confident so that you can answer the question of the interviewer effectively.

6. Ask Questions

You must put up few question from the interviewer to make it interactive. This shows that you are curious and have done your research. In many interviews interviewer themselves ask if the candidate has any question to ask the interviewer. You should put up some relevant question about the company or your job responsibilities from the interviewer.

7. Sell Yourself and then Close the Deal

Your primary purpose is to crack the interview and get the job. You have to sell your skills and knowledge to the interviewer. You have to give the interviewer assurance that you are perfect for the position they are offering and can support the company in every possible way and circumstances. You are the best!!

8. Follow Up

Send thank-you note to the interviewer by mail reiterating your interest in the position. You can also mention any other information or details which you have missed in the interview.

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