Specialisation options in PGDM – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

Specialisation options in PGDM

Postgraduate gets more opportunities in the corporate world. Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programme acts as a passport to the glamorous job profile in various industries. Every organisation requires trained professionals who can manage the company well and take it to new heights by working in different roles. The demand for these trained professionals has encouraged job seekers to enrol for PGDM courses.

Post Graduation programme from NDIM will transform students with industry ready skills to get an entry into the corporate world or setting up their independent enterprise. The standard specialisations of PGDM programme include Marketing, Finance, International Business, Human Resource, Operation Management and Information Technology.

Here is the list of emerging specialisations that students and professionals can equip to survive in the modern industry-

1. Marketing
The marketing specialisation provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of marketing in Consumer behaviour, Industrial markets and Service market. The objective of this special 'sector oriented' programme is to develop World-Class Marketing Professionals with strong market acumen and value systems.

2. Finance
A specialisation that deals with money. It requires possessing skills in mathematics, economics, and financial theory. The specialisation focus on investment strategy, economy, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), corporate risk & insurance and financial theory.

3. International Business
In International business specialisation, students will get the learning of foreign trade policy export management, Forex risk management, Procedure & Documentation and trade finance. The specialisation is a unique blend of theories and practices that prepare the students for the domestic and international market.

4. Human Resource
The specialisation provides a complete understanding of managing the workforce of an organisation which involves recruitment, selection, training, development and compensation. Technical knowledge and practical skills give students new ideas of a multicultural labour force.

5. Logistics-Supply Chain Management & Operations
Logistics-Supply Chain Management & Operations cover four essential topics Logistics, Planning, Sourcing and Operations. It includes fundamentals and management of transportation, inventory, warehousing and logistics network. The specialisation cover techniques used to optimise the better flow of logistics and time management. Students will study different techniques that help in creating a good relationship with the vendor.

6. IT & Systems
The IT & system specialisation prepares students for technology-enabled business firms. It focuses on system design which includes database and web design. The specialisation gives managerial and organisational knowledge to manage applications as per customer and business requirement. It helps in developing analytical skills for IT and performance evaluation.

7 Media Marketing & Communication
Media marketing and communication specialisation train the students to work in the media industry and analyse the behaviour in which media reflects and influence the world.

It also gives practical preparation for various media careers such as copy-writing, film production, media representation, journalism and entertainment. The specialisation is challenging and exciting as well. Students have to keep them self-updated with hot buttons, latest technologies and debate.

The two-year full-time Post Graduate Programme comprises of four semesters. The first two terms focus on Foundation and Application aspects of management and the last two terms focus on Specialisation and Integration with global developments in different areas of management.