SNAP EXAM PATTERN CHANGE – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

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There is a change in the exam model. In addition to questions on MCQ, applicants will now also have special questions.

Based on the exam pattern, starting this year, candidates must resolve the normal and special questions. The SNAP test is an objective test and, therefore, you will get 4 options (only for normal questions). While for special questions, you will not have any options and need to write the answer with the virtual keyboard.

For example: if there is a question, “What is the capital of the United States?”

The candidate must enter the answer as “Washington” using the virtual keyboard.

With the introduction of special questions, there was also a change in the number of questions and in the marking model.

The normal question will have 1 score and the special question will have 2 scores. There is a negative checking and it is applicable to both kind of questions. In every wrong answer, 25% negative marking will implement..