Reasons to Do an MBA – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

With an abundance of courses available for post graduation making the decision to choose MBA is a big thing. However, if you are planning to get prepared for the business world, an MBA is the answer for it as it offers lots of advantages like higher salary, landing at the top management position or becoming your boss and much more. Let us bring you across the reason why to do an MBA.

Get access to an extensive business network

Being an MBA student, you have great opportunities for networking, you also get exposure to develop your business management capability under the guidance of professors, industry experts and teaching staff. Furthermore, you have changes to meet industry experts through various internships which are a part of the MBA programmes.

Also, you get the access of wide alumni network which gives you an excellent overview of business world and deep understanding of the slightest updates in the industry. Therefore you can have connection between global events & world affairs

Develop priceless managerial skills

Young professionals usually pursue an PGDM/MBA programme with a minimum of two years of experience or by senior employees who feel the challenges in their profession and develop more skills as per the industry demands. A specialisation PGDM/MBA programme will give you lots of learnings like how to advertise, sell products, keep company's finances healthy, hire right people, decision making, create hierarchies that help business thrive.

Knowledge to start your company from scratch

Lots of students opt PGDM/MBA because they wish to start their dream business & become an entrepreneur. Therefore an PGDM/MBA programme helps you to procure knowledge and business practices that are helpful to start a new business or grow their family business. However even the graduates who are unable to start their ventures land eventually in the middle-level or leading management position with multinational companies.

Open the door to thriving career opportunities

With the level of qualification, an MBA/PGDM graduate has higher chances of obtaining and holding the high-level management positions. Worldwide, more than 50% of MBA/PGDM graduates are senior managers or board of directors. Therefore, we can say this type of position brings along a higher salary package with the due responsibility. And as per the Bloomberg's reports, top employers like McKinsey, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, etc. prefer MBA/PGDM graduates above others.

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