Qualities recruiters look for in a Candidate

Qualities recruiters look for in a Candidate

It’s very difficult to grab recruiters’ attention in this highly competitive world. In today’s dynamic world, recruiters focus on soft skills as much as they used to do on hard skills. Well, there are endless number of skills that can give you an edge over others but there are some universal traits that help you in outstand among other job candidates no matter your field of specialization.

Read on to find out the qualities that can grab the recruiter’s attention and give you an edge over others:

  • Ambition

Recruiters look for people who want to grow their career along with contributing to company’s growth. You can demonstrate this by listing out achievements where you have achieved more than set goal or act in a leadership position. You can also do online courses to enhance your skill set . It will show employers that you are committed to learn and grow.

  • Curiosity

It’s always advised to ask questions at the end of the interview process. The reason being it show recruiters that you are curious about the company and your respective job positions. It would be more better if you research about your company and the job profile beforehand so you can involve into broader discussions with them.

  • Learning ability

In today’s job market, things are continuously changing and employers are looking for candidates that has the ability to learn new things quickly and are adaptable to situations.

Learning subjects that do not match with your area of field is a great way to demonstrate that you get the capability to adapt to the job market’s demands.

  • Reliability

Reliability is important because it shows your recruiters that they can trust you. You can show your reliability to recruiters by being on time on the interview day, sending your important documents when you said.

  • Transparency

Be honest. Don’t misguide employers with the wrong information. It’s okay to admit about your termination stating the reason. Transparency always wins. Also, never disclose any confidential information of your former employee.

  • Positivity

Optimistic attitude attracts people. It show recruiters that you like to deal with the problems rather yelling at it. You try to figure out the root cause of problems, take it as a challenge, use your previous experiences and deal with it with a smile in your face and a great attitude.

Now, you can inculcate these skills as your habits and be one step closer to your dream job. All the best!!!

An MBA degree from top MBA college of India focus on including these skills in its students along with the professional skills to set themselves apart from pool of other job looking candidates.

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