Online MBA vs Regular MBA


We have seen the advent of online MBA programme while browsing through MBA related sites. Some find it the best way to get an MBA degree, especially when there are personal or financial constraints due to which they cannot attend the regular classes.

Well, some do have reservations about whether online MBAs are really worth it. The concern stems from the fact that in the online MBA vs regular, traditional MBA, the virtual ones do not offer peer interaction, real world experience and the same immersive experience compared to their full-time counterparts.

Limitations of online MBA vs regular full-time MBA

Credibility-Unless the college or Business school that is offering the online program is well known in the job market, you are staring down the barrel.

Peer Group– One loses out on the very important part of a regular MBA, the peer group interaction. This in itself is an eye opener to many regular MBA students and has very well served as inspiration for many to compete, and be successful.

No Internship– A small but very possible way of getting into the company one dreams working for. Internship is one thing that students look forward too since it provide them an opportunity to focus on their career, and choose the sector or area they want to work in future

Lose out on interaction with alumni, prospective employers, in short networking opportunity– Probably a very important part of an MBA program would be networking. A critical aspect of a classroom MBA program that acts as a platform for students to interact with the business world and meet the “All Important People”, people who matter.

Less exposure: Network and Market trends- One of the major drawback of pursuing a distance MBA is that you are left out of the MBA networking and market trends. Unlike regular MBA students you don’t get a chance to build network or interact with various kind of people in the industry. You do not get any opportunity to interact with your classmates.

No recognition from recruiters– Although, many good institutes offer distance MBA but it still lacks recognition from employers. Recruiters prefer a regular MBA candidate over a distance MBA one. Also, the pay package is also not quite encourage for distance MBA students.

No direct contact with faculty– Many a times we need mentors to explain a concept or help in solving questions. Distance MBA lacks direct contact with the faculty. The only way to contact the faculty is through e-mails or video call. Most of the times, the candidate has to solve problems on their own or take tuitions.

Lack of Discipline– As such there are no hard and fast rules and regulations in a distance programme. Unlike regular MBA students, there’s no compulsion in attending virtual classes. One can re-appear for the exams if failed in the first attempt. The candidate will be not asked to take the exams on given day or schedule. The flexibility calls for self-discipline and focus to complete the programme. One has to have self-motivation to attend classes and webinars regularly and study hard and pass the exams in minimum attempts.