NDIM – One of the finest B schools in Delhi – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

NDIM – One of the finest B schools in Delhi

There are several b schools in Delhi in every nook and corner of the city. However, there are only a few who owns a good reputation, students crowd and intellectual faculty members. NDIM (New Delhi Institute of Management) is one of the finest B schools in Delhi that offers excellent infrastructure, brilliant curriculum and incredible teaching methods.

The curriculum of this best b schools in Delhi is not confined to books, notes and classroom lectures. The faculty members provide a diversified and dynamic platform of learning to students at NDIM. They believe in teaching management strategies that are closely related to the practical industrial world. The teaching strategies of NDIM, one of the top management colleges in Delhi is both inside and outside the classroom. Where on the one hand the management strategies are theoretically taught in the classroom, their practical implementation is taught during industrial visits, event organisations and training in the industries.

It comes within the top 10 b schools in Delhi that offer Post Graduate Diploma Courses (PGDM) in Marketing, Finance, Media Management, Productions & Operation Management and Human Resource Management. The students of NDIM are recruited in many Multinational firms and are getting excellent packages. The students are working with renowned brands on attractive packages and are constantly helping juniors in recruitment processes.

NDIM has set a benchmark in the field of management studies given in the best b schools in India as it is not working specifically on the traditional methods of imparting knowledge. It has been implementing latest techniques of imparting management tactics to make their student's as successful future entrepreneurs. NDIM has thus built a name, and since 1992, it has been attracting big multinationals for recruitments.