NDIM – Benchmark for Management Studies and Practices – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

NDIM – Benchmark for Management Studies and Practices

In the past 20 years, India has experienced enhanced economic growth with the advent of SMEs, big multinational corporations, KPOs and BPOs. However, with the increase in some industries, we are bound to seek new management strategies that can make the work smoother.

In this context, NDIM, the finest b schools in Delhi is an incredible benchmark that is excelling in offering management strategies to the future business professionals or entrepreneurs.  Mismanagement or disorganised work in the industries often lead to a great mess, confusion, which ultimately leads to dissatisfying results or outputs.

NDIM greatly focusses on teaching not just, management strategies but it also lay stress on time management, planning and organisation of work to get better output and optimum utilisation of resources.

Vishal Sikka, the CEO of  Infosys recently resigned from the post. The article that he wrote regarding his resignation pointed towards the dissatisfaction that he achieved due to his failure to achieve desired goals. A feeling of dissatisfaction regarding work leads to giving up the work and work practices. NDIM is a reputed B-school in Delhi that also focuses on organisation, planning and strategic management to avoid failures in the organisation. It focuses well on other than classroom activities like workshops, events and discussion activities to understand the crux of administration and team in day-to-day operations and organisation.

The industrial tours and summer training are provided to the PGDM students pursuing their diplomas in HR, Finance, marketing, operations and digital marketing so that they can understand how organisations are managed. While carrying on their internships, they get to understand the work strategies and management procedures to receive better outputs. The teaching practices adopted by NDIM makes one of the Top b schools in Delhi