MBA Work Experience | Work Experience an MBA

MBA Work Experience | Work Experience an MBA

Value of Work Experience to your MBA


Work Experience is nowadays the most crucial part of your MBA application for any Business School. Important enough to set you apart from the pool of candidates applying.  

Certain business schools are very certain about the work experience a candidate holds. Appropriate background can take your admission application places.

Nonetheless, let us go through a few facts that can surely prove the worth of experience before pursuing MBA.


  • Experiential Learning

Working in the field teaches you a lot. It is observed that students with pre experience are more clear in their thought process and are more clear about their goals. Experienced personals are more sure of “Why they are pursuing MBA?”.


  1. Uplifts the College Environment

Due to more students holding good work experience are in the campus. A touch of professionalism is introduced in the college environment, helping students learning from one  another’s background. Improving the quality of education of the business school.


  1. Only Relevant Experience Matter

Top business schools are hounding for quality and not quantity. They take into consideration a lot of parameters to judge the worth of a candidate’s experience including the company the candidate worked, job profile, exposure, tenure at the firm and performance over there.


  1. Better Placements

Experience not only helps you land in, but also comes in handy on your way out. A candidate with good work experience and an MBA from a top  B school are snatched by Top firms right away. You will definitely be having an upper hand at the time of recruitment and have good fighting chances to bank the highest package.

I hope this all briefs out how important an experience is important for an MBA.

Well experience and good marks are not the only thing that will secure your future. MBA is a great degree if done right and with right I mean a from a Top Management Institute because the environment and the alumni network a top business school provides is way to valuable for an MBA aspirant.