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MBA in Marketing Vs MBA in Finance

MBA iMarketing Vs MBA in Finance

MBA in Marketing Vs MBA in Finance

What should be the right choice? Does a finance student gets better growth or career opportunity Or is marketing a better option due to high demand for Marketing MBAs.

You may be interested in a corporate career but there are a lot of options / fields to study while pursuing an MBA these days. Enormous verticals are there to explore, like Human resource, Finance, Marketing, etc.

To make your decision easier, we will give a side by side comparison of the top two verticals, i.e. Marketing & Finance.

Business degree entails a broader perspective that includes various programs & career paths.

There are lots of things to consider while choosing a career path like the job outlook, earning potential and program duration

Let us break down the fundamentals of each career path and make it easier for you to make the decision.


Marketing is the way of introducing or promoting the products or services to the organization or consumers directly. These are practised through traditional means like Television or print ads, flyers, newsletters and billboards, or even the new age mediums such as digital marketing. Digital marketing has got a better scope, which has further opportunities like content marketing, search engine optimisation and email marketing. [mention 5-6 more like SMO, etc]


On the other hand, finance is all about the budgeting of money and assets. However, it is similar to accounting as it involves computation & investments. While studying finance one would learn how to manage debt, investment portfolio and monitor financial market trends.  

Now that you have a better understanding of both marketing & finance let us bring you across the aspects of both the fields.

However, it's hard to say that which one is better because both of them offer promising career opportunities. On the other side, if talk about what kind of aptitude is required, we can state that if a person has good vision on details, is analytical and is numerically profound should choose PGDM in finance and those who have better communication skill with persuading personality should choose PGDM in Marketing.

Both the fields require a special set of competencies, let us share you the top skill set needed to get into a Marketing or a Finance job so that you can get a better understanding of these areas.

In-demand marketing skills In-demand finance skills
Sales Accounting
Marketing Financial analysis
Social media Financial reporting
Customer service Financial statements
Business development Economics
Market strategy Business administration
Scheduling Forecasting
Sales management Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Customer contact Account reconciliation
Market research General ledger

Conclusion: Both the fields are worthy. However, it depends on your strength and interest which area suits you better.

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