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Marketing vs Operations


Marketing and operations are the most popular terms when it comes to MBA courses, but as functional areas, they play a very constitute role in the overall business development. These areas that are responsible for specifying what is produced, how it is produced and actually delivering goods and services to customers. A close partnership between marketing and operations is important to ensure the effective and on-time fulfilment of organisational aims. But unfortunately, in most of the organisations, the relationship between these two areas is not that good, they often engage in fighting and hostility rather than co‐operation or partnership. There are many issues seen in practice that have resulted in the poor working relations like conflicts, rewards, politics, resource allocation, management and academic failure. Implications for marketing practice and future research directions are then identified.This is all the industrial rivalry of these two sections. But most of the students will only be interested in the future scope of these two sectors after MBA.

Scope comparison between operations and marketing

Marketing is perhaps one of the most demanding specialisation which helps to connect with consumers and gain visibility & credibility, thus it is undeniable that why marketing has such high demand, but it requires a reasonable level of expertise as well. The era of traditional marketing is gone, all the industry is going digital, so it is very important to adopt the changes with time, having good communication skill is probably not enough now for marketing.

On the other hand, the allure of operations is that you get access to both money and resources. Also, you are responsible for making people work to create and achieve something valuable that is eventually realized through a sales, financing, or public offering. Good operators are very clear and specific about what they want to make, accomplish and evaluate

On the whole, the operations path, as well as the marketing path both, should draw the attention of the students equally. In the end, it’s the student’s personal preference as both the fields have great opportunities. The only thing that the students should bother about is to pursue their MBA courses from the top MBA colleges in India. As the quality of institution certainly matters when it comes to MBA.