Key differences between Distance MBA and Full Time MBA

Key differences between Distance MBA and Full Time MBA

Students find it difficult to decide which type of MBA program to go for after deciding to pursue MBA.

As the name suggests, Distance MBA, is taught via virtual mode whereas in full-time MBA program, lectures are held in a classroom and there is direct interaction between the students and the faculty.

There are many differences between the Distance MBA and Regular MBA. The teaching curriculum of both are completely different. Like if you are a working professional, it will get very difficult for you to join regular MBA courses and you need to resign if you enroll in it. Whereas, in the case of distance MBA Programme, you can pursue it without discontinuing your job.

Even Distance MBA Programme from top business schools is beneficial and might boost your career.Through virtual teaching, you can directly interact with your professors online and clear your doubts regarding academics. Distance MBA programmes provide an immense exposure to the management concepts.

Here are some basic differences between Distance MBA and Full-time MBA

Distance or Full Time MBA- Which one to choose?

Distance MBA Programme can never replace regular MBA as Regular MBA are preferred more over Distance MBA for the promotions in top business organizations. The main reason behind this is that a regular MBA holder get practical exposure to managerial processes  are very good at understanding the organizational structures whereas a Distance MBA holder don’t have any practical exposure and lack networking capabilities.