Inbound Marketing – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

Inbound marketing as the name suggests, it is the method to attract customers towards our brand via blogs, content marketing, social media, SEO. It helps in creating brand awareness and initiate the buying cycle. The key difference between outbound and inbound is, marketers, attempt to find customers and fight for their attention in outbound, but through inbound marketing, a brand eventually earns the attention of customers and makes the company easy recognisable. It attracts the crowd through relevant information and provides value information for binding the customer’s interest  at every stage . In inbound marketing, potential customers can find you through various channels like search engines, blogs and social media. All you have to do is to wisely select the channel on which your content can go viral or on which most of your target audience is present, and then by creating content focused around the daily problems, you can attract the attention of your ideal customers and build credibility for your organisation.


Inbound marketing can especially work for every B2B marketers. Many marketers use a mixture of different forms of content, across multiple portals to connect with consumers at each stage of the buying process.

One of the main reasons that inbound marketing works is because of the nature of today’s consumers, as they always demand something more than just a product related services, they want a more personalised, efficient and transparent relationship with the businesses they buy.

The relevance of inbound marketing is to create content like whitepapers, infographics and eBooks, blog posts to attract customers towards your brand, Bring them in your loop and then convince them to take targeted actions by subtle marketing practices aligned to their general problems, instead of going for traditional paid outbound marketing Methods.

People who create such user interactive and search friendly content, and can promote it properly.

The main issue is that people are still not aware of the current marketing trends and tactics. Such skills should be taught with some management courses like MBA and PGDM, but only a handful or the best MBA colleges take an initiative to provide  actual in-depth and practical knowledge in this area.