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Importance of strategy building

Importance of strategy building

Top b schools in India put huge thoughts and efforts to teach the skill of Strategic management. Building a clear and focused strategy plays a very critical role in the success of your business, and without a well-planned strategy, you may even fail.

The primary key for a successful strategy is to take out all kinds of emotions from it and to think logically and practically; then you'll have a business and a team that is more focused, productive and profitable. You need to be very particular about the direction of the company and how you can work it out. A successful strategic plan does the following:


Strategy management is all about making decisions, and it is essential to Prioritize and Aligns Activities which will further help in allocating resources to strategic initiatives and coordinating to achieve desired results.

Defines Accountabilities

It involves, defining clear accountabilities and timelines to the team members for achieving expected results on the agreed strategic initiatives.

Enhances Communication and Commitment

In clarifying the vision and accountabilities to the members, the strategic plan builds a perfect hierarchy all organisational activities and fosters commitment at all levels.

Provides a Framework for Ongoing Decision Making

Since all decisions should support the strategy of the business, so the plan and the strategic initiatives done previously should be the reference point for the future decision-making.

You obviously need to have a plan for a day to day business, but you also need to spend the time to analyse the current trends of your industry and build an overall strategy for the business. The top MBA institutes in Delhi help students to clearly define the strategy and achieve desired goals.