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Importance of Digital Marketing for an MBA Graduate

Digital Marketing is gaining so much ground that in near future ‘Digital Marketing’ to become just ‘Marketing’. It holds tremendous promise for MBA students such that they are striking up roles with the new wave of marketing firms.With sound knowledge of Digital Marketing MBAs stand ahead to have greater potential for the jobs in new marketing trends. The technology continues to build the business in the 21st century & the expertise in digital marketing techniques & operations is imperative for success. Therefore, the expertise in digital marketing is significant for an MBA student. Here are the reasons to pursue digital marketing:

1.Adds weightage to resume

Digital Marketing skills are in high demand these days. In the fields like advertising, you will have to be dependent on college placement or an internship to open up for you to gain experience & develop your portfolio. However, digital marketing provides you with a host of opportunities to self-start your career before you have stepped in the industry. Even if your principal role is not into digital marketing, but you still have the knowledge about it the companies are still ready to recruit at excellent packages.

2.Growth Rate

As per the recent survey, there will be about 1.5 lakh job opening by 2020 in digital marketing. The human resource experts have analysed, in the coming year digital marketing will generate huge no. of jobs that will boost the businesses. Not just that, the alluring factor would be the starting salaries of the professionals will be 4.5-5.5 lakh. The tentative growth in digital marketing is gaining sharp spike, there was 30% growth in 2015 and 40 % in 2016, however, the others are struggling with 5-10% growth. Digital is one of most growing industry in the coming years.

3. Stand ahead in the Competition

These days companies require skilled professionals who can amplify their sales, leads and profit by their expertise. In the present marketing scenarios, one cannot succeed with the traditional marketing. Therefore a digital marketing specialist stands ahead in the competition, as their efficiency he/she can render best of ROI to the industry at minimum cost.

4. Future Ready

The trends have changed, and the consumer has become smarter. Nowadays consumers use digital devices to make a purchase, therefore to reach them marketers need to have the digital presence for which they require digital media experts. With the enormous shift in consumer behaviour, digital marketers are constantly adapting to the technology methods. More than ¼ of the population of the world’s population uses the Internet, which is growing at a faster rate. Therefore this has brought good opportunities, and profession has secured future.

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