How to Prepare for GD for MBA Admission?

How to Prepare for GD for MBA Admission?

GD for MBA Admission, MBA Admission

How to Prepare for GD for MBA Admission?

A Group Discussion or GD is generally included in the admission process of most of the top MBA Colleges of India. It tests the person’s leadership skills, social skills, team skills, problem-solving skills and presence of mind.

During GD round, groups are formed first of 6-12 members and then a topic is assigned to each of the group. They are given some time to prepare on that specific assigned topic and post that, the discussion begins.

Here are some preparation tips to ace the GD round:


  • Stock yourself with information

You can get any topic for GD round. So, it’s always better to keep yourself updated with topics like Current Affairs, Historical topics, Sports, Arts & Literature etc.


  • Understand the topic carefully

When you are given a topic, first try to understand what it is. If you have any doubt, ask immediately to get clarity of the topic. It’s important to get clear of the topic to perform well during the group discussion round.

  • Focus on putting precise and concise thoughts.

Instead of speaking more, focus on to keep your thoughts precise and concise. In GD, what you are communicating is more important than how much you are communicating.

  • Communicate your views well

You may have great knowledge of the topic but unless you communicate your views well, it’s of no use. Practice well before the GD round to develop good communication skills.

  • Take initiation

Try to initiate the group discussion as it will leave a good impression but do it only when you have a valid point to keep otherwise speaking irrelevant points at the start may backfire you.

  • Logical conclusion

When the discussion is about to end, conclude it taking in the points that everyone has made and coming to a decent conclusion. This will indicate your analytical skills.