How to land a job during campus placement?

How to land a job during campus placement?

How to land a job during campus placement?

Campus Placement is the most important phase of any graduate life. Students get stressed out wondering if they would be able to secure a job in their dream companies.

Instead of worrying, channelize your anxiety into preparing for a successful placement.

Here is how to land your Dream Job during campus placements:

  • Become your best version

Add value to yourself. Study hard and maintain top grades throughout the year. Most of the companies prefer students who have a minimum of 7 CGPA. Do multiple/paid internships across your graduation period to get valuable exposure and build a professional network. Take part in campus activities to learn invaluable social and leadership skills. Make your final year project outstand so that you can showcase it while placements and stand a chance to secure your dream first job.

  1. Do some homework

Gain information about companies and your college rules and regulations beforehand. Like if you get a job offer early, can you appear for another interview later or Which companies are coming and what’s their selection criteria.

  1. CV and online profile

Your CV and online profile is the first thing which interviewers notice. Make it kickass and stand a chance to get ahead of others in the selection process. Build a professional looking LinkedIn profile. Update your resume each time you apply based on the job description and your research on the company.

  1. Interview Preparation

Spend a good amount of time preparing for the selection process that includes group discussions, aptitude tests, technical and HR interviews. For aptitude tests, do some online research for expected test formats and practice taking tests relentlessly.

  1. Mock practice

The biggest challenge your face is lack of exposure to a verbal selection process. For a Group Discussion, take the help of your friends and practice multiple mock group discussions with them. For other interviews, practice answering most asked questions aloud in front of a mirror. Work on your confidence, appearance, body language, tone and volume of your voice too.