How to know which MBA Specialization is right for you?

How to know which MBA Specialization is right for you?

MBA Specialization

Once you have made up your mind to pursue MBA as a career then the next step is to choose the right specialization. With so much of money as well as time investment, it’s important to choose the specialization as per your personality type and interest so that you can perform well in it. Here are some tips to help you choose the right MBA Specialization:

  • Know your strength

You will do exceptionally well if you choose the specialization based on your strengths and personality type. Know your strengths and do some self-analysis to know the things you are good at. If you are good at finance and the world of finance and investments attracts you, you should go for MBA in finance. It is very popular quote that “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

  • Focus on your long term goals

Where do you want to see yourself as? You want to head the marketing department, want to be a manager, lead the team or be an entrepreneur, choose your stream accordingly. MBA will act as a catalyst in your career growth if your specialization and job profile matches. Think now so you don’t have to regret later. There is no smartness in pursuing MBA in HR and then doing a job in Marketing.

  • Understand the salary figures

It can be considered as one factor while choosing the MBA specialization but it should not be the only or most prioritized factor. If salary figure of one specialization is higher than the choice of your specialization, don’t do it. Because in the long run, you will lose interest and will not be able to perform well.

  • Understand the Specializations

Here’s brief about different specialization, so that you can figure out, which course of specialization is best for you:


As a MBA in marketing, you will have a direct impact on the profit generating capacity of the organization. Individuals with good communication, analytics and leadership skills tend to perform well in this area. An MBA in Marketing teaches you to deal with prospective clients and how to differentiate your brands from your competitors.

Career Opportunities: Brand Manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Area/Regional Manager and even to the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).


An MBA in finance will provide you the knowledge to make informed decisions that will direct the company towards better financial decision. It will teaches you how the financial world functions and how to implement various financial theories to solve problems in business world.

Career Opportunities: Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Pre-Sales or Business Development Manager, Sales or ERP Consultant, Project Manager,QA Manager,Functional or Process Consultant.

Human Resource

HR degree will provide you with ability to manage employees and execute different work aspects of an organization like recruitment, selection, training and development etc.

If you are confident, have pleasing personality and good communication skills then this can be your interest area.

Career Opportunities: HR Generalist,Staffing Director,Technical Recruiter,Compensation Manager,Employee Relations Manager,Employment or Placement Manager,Director of HR Training and Development.


An MBA degree in operations teaches you about production management, supply chain management, service operations management, quality management and other important functions of an organization.

Career Opportunities: Product Manager,Technical Supervisor,Plant Manager,Chief Operating Officer,Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

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There are many top MBA colleges in India which also offers MBA Specialization in courses like Media Marketing & Communication, International Business, Information Technology, Advanced Business Analytics and Advanced Course in Digital Marketing.