How to choose the right business school

How to choose the right business school?


How to choose the right business school?

MBA can reward you with great career options and placement opportunities if you study from Top B school and choose the right MBA Programme. So, it’s very important to do some careful research to ensure your choice of programme and business school.

Here are some facts which you can consider to find out right business school :

  • Academic Community

Find out about the expertise and achievements of the faculty. Look at their diversity and calibre.

Learn which method of teaching they uses, such as live case studies and consultancy projects with companies.

  1. Location and costs

A school’s location play a key evaluation while choosing the right business school for you. Location matters because it encompasses all aspects of daily life as a student. Learn as much as you can about the location and envision if you could see yourself living there. Also, work out the expenses you will incur there.

  1. International Exposure

Interviewers prefer candidates having international exposure. Studying and undertaking internships abroad can improve your understanding of international job market. There are many top MBA schools in Delhi which provide study abroad and Student exchange program.

  1. Reputation

There are various ways to access college’s reputation. One way is to check whether it is AICTE accredited or not.

  1. Programme structure

There are many options available to do MBA like Full Time, Part Time, Executive, Distance, Dual MBA Degree Program. You can choose one on the basis of your preferences and requirements.

You can choose MBA dual specialization for better career advancement opportunities. Experts advice candidates to do Dual MBA Specialization as you might not sure at this phase of time what you want to do in future. Specialising only in one field  only makes sense for someone who is certain they want to work in that specific field for their whole career.

  1. Placement Records

Check out the placement records and see which companies visit campus to recruit students. Investigate the reputation of the companies also.