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The habits which lower down Your Productivity


We all work differently, and we can be much better in what we do if we are productive. At some point in time, we get stuck in something resulting decrease in productivity. Our productivity gets down when we get overloaded with work. Our surroundings also affect our productivity. Your productivity can be increased if you pick good habits from your surroundings.

Below are some list of habits that eliminate your productivity-

Performing multiple task

Doing multiple works at a single time kills productivity. You should be focused on a single thing at a time to get best results in what you are doing. It not only results in diminishing focus but also give a poor quality of work as compared to someone who is doing only one thing.

Improper time management

If you want to be productive, be organised. Time management is one of an essential factor which leads to success if done properly. Your each day should be properly planned and arranged in such a manner you feel that you have done something worth.

Unhealthy diet

You are what you eat. A study proved that your eating habits affect not only your body but also your productivity. Take healthy breakfast with fruits and vegetables to keep your energy level high. Stay away from alcohol and smoking; it will harm your body miserably.

Social media

Are you in the habit of scrolling down news feeds frequently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram during your work? Then surely you are less productive. It's a time waste and a big distraction. To get better results put your smartphone in airplane mode while you are working.

Consistently working

Short breaks are also essential during work so that you give some real output at the end of the day. Consistently keeps on working and not taking breaks lowers down the productivity. Taking short breaks will make you happier and more focused on your job. Relax, get some fresh air and then carry on your work. Keep your work life balance and prioritise your task to get good results. The top b school in Delhi will help you discover the best practices to increase your productivity and groom the overall personality which will make you industry ready.