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How to grab attention of your audience

It’ very important for a person to grab the attention of their audience while delivering presentation. Whether you are a student, executive or a businessman, you will be asked to give presentation at various point of time. Best b schools in India give their students various opportunities to develop their presentation skills when they opt for PGDM course. NDIM is one of the top b school in Delhi which help students to develop presentation and interpersonal skills when they enrol for PGDM courses.

You have to win the heart of your audience with the message you are communicating
Here are some tips which will help you to capture the attention of your audience-

Powerful Voice

You have 60 seconds to grab the attention of your audience when you speak to establish credibility and encourage them to listen to you. If you waste these opening seconds your audience would not be interested in you. Your voice tone should be confident and have a faster speech rate with flatter intonation.

Use Body Language with Gestures

What you say should match with your body language. Movement of your hands & Gesture reflect the content in the mind of speaker and make your audience to look at you while you speak.


Present a shocking statistics

A bold headline with interesting statistics ideally impact the audience to listen to you and build curiosity in them what is coming next. Sharing interesting fact and figures in your presentation is the best way to interact with audience.


Question them

Ask your audience question to make them listen to you so by having an interactive session. This will keeps them awake and you too will get the prompt feedback how active is your audience and what is their mindset.

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