Factors influencing the reputation of NDIM – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

Factors influencing the reputation of NDIM


B-schools sustains for longer primarily by the reputation and success of students. It is quite difficult to build a good reputation but to sustain it is even more challenging. Be it any industry or educational institution; one has to put his sweat and energy to build a real name and tries to maintain it for years. In this context, NDIM has built its reputation with the passage of time, and thus it has become one of the leading B-schools in Delhi. It is the image of this finest b schools in delhi that companies come for the campus placements to recruit its students.

The greatest factor that has contributed to escalating the image of NDIM is the excellent infrastructure, laborious faculty members and efforts of the administration to get the students placed in renowned industries. It has significantly contributed in earning the trust of students and parents. Every year, it ensures to get 100% placements through its pgdm course, which can be seen in the current statistics of the year 2016.  

Many multinational firms belonging to sectors like FMCG, Hospitality, Information Technology and education keep coming to recruit students.

In addition to the above, the administration of this Top b schools in Delhi has been taking care that no external powers, political parties or obstructive activities spoil the environment of the college. It has been noticed that universities and established colleges lose their reputation due to undesirable activities like strikes, nuisance created by unions or faculties. But at NDIM, superiors ensures that students have their complete focus on studies and activities that are useful in building their future.

The pgdm course in delhi at NDIM and the course curriculum is time bound, which has to get finished by the end of the particular deadline. The dedication towards career and constructive activities without getting affected by the external negative factors is key to success for NDIM.