Everything you should know about an MBA Program

Everything you should know about an MBA Program

MBA Program

Everything you should know about an MBA Program

In India, after getting out from college many graduates (average/brilliant/super intelligent) determines their path towards another milestone, that is getting an MBA degree in their Hands. Since this prestigious piece of paper assists them to get a luxury lifestyle and high paying salaries in their Bank Account, they begin their voyage with anticipation.

And not only fresh graduates think about this course of study, but even employee working in the corporate offices also make their mind to get educated in this field to improve the pay scale and their work ethic.

But, before heading out on this journey, their mind gets filled with many questions and for answers, they seek guidance from friends, family members, and counsellors.

Some important points on Management Education

  • You’ll study and get knowledge in every aspect of the Business related area.
    • Finance
    • Marketing Management
    • Operations
    • Human Resource
    • Advertising field
  • For graduates not working
    • 2-year full-time program
  • For Working subordinate
    • 3-year part-time program
  • The curriculum of most B-schools in India ( A vigorous and devoted study is on primary priority)
    • Case studies
    • Assignments
    • Projects for winter and summer
    • Written exams
    • Need to study more than 40 books
    • Practicals
    • Conferences
    • Learn to handle Clients

Reasons to do an MBA.

An MBA For a graduate or working employee, it aids them to secure a job with a high salary and all luxuries. You’ll get more job calls and consideration as compared to other graduates and postgraduates in a specific field of study.

An MBA degree enhances the chances of receiving promotions and makes it smoother to switch or change the work field for a luminous future.

With management studies, you can develop executive skills with broader expertise in the business area. Helps you become a leader with quality skills, and you receive more recognition in your field of industry.

Here are some common queries of MBA aspirants:

  • Am I eligible to do an MBA Course?

If you scored a minimal of 50% marks in your graduate programs like BA, B.Com, BCA, BE, B.Tech etc., then you are eligible.

If you’re a diploma holder then you can’t opt for this course.

  • What do I need to do to get admission in an top MBA school?

You have to get prepared and score well in MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, etc.

  • I just graduated from college, therefore is it a good time to start an MBA or I should wait?

There’s no age limit for getting enrolled and pursuing an MBA course. Whenever your mind feels right, you should start preparing for the entrance exams.

  • Which management school should I choose?

Before coming to the situation of choosing management school, you should have scored well in entrance exams, because it will provide lots of better options to choose from hundreds of colleges.

Following are the criteria for choosing the right college.  

  • How well educated and experienced faculties available in the college. (Should be high)
  • Number of Placements per year.
  • Is College following the latest syllabus for learning.
  • The reputation of the college in the field of management education.
  • What kind of specializations available in the college.
  • How much attention it gets from international B-schools.

If you score excellent in the exam, then the list of IIM colleges will be in front of you.

  • Do I choose a field according to my Interest or Market?

Both are fine because Market would give you a better amount and recognition, and choosing a field of interest would give you satisfaction and the other two as well.