How editorial club plays an important role to give an edge to student’s life – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

How editorial club plays an important role to give an edge to student’s life

Importance of editorial club in NDIM

Beyond classroom studies, NDIM also focuses on giving an exposure of editorials. As keeping in mind about the growth and importance of editorials NDIM has set up an Editorial club which engages students and encourages them to write business journals.

Purpose of Editorial club

The mission is bringing the students together and make them capable of writing their ideas on paper so that they can communicate with others quickly. In this club, students do inter college debate competition and do analysis on budget and discuss current economic structure of India which makes them wiser to understand the business game. NDIM PGDM college organises various competitions like the editorial club which gives a chance to students to edit the NDIM journals like “Review of professional Management”. Students always prefer NDIM as it has built its name in the market as best b schools in India. If we talk about top 10 b schools in Delhi, there are various business colleges in India, but it is the honour for NDIM that it is among the top b schools in Delhi.

However several students have appreciated this initiative by college administration as it gives an opportunity to them to publish student weekly magazine. This club includes various other activities like union budget competition, editing college magazine, support and help publications of bi-annual journals and preparing booklets for seminars and conferences.

How writing can help you in your profession

Club has helped students in many other aspects; students can now plan out what to write to make their writing more direct and efficient. The club develops students for using words sparingly and keeps sentences short, to the point and one of the most important things which students have learned avoiding jargon and “fancy” words. It is a fact that people with good writing skills are considered ahead of others as they are more credible for the organisation. It has seen that many people struggle with writing emails, notes, letters, texts and Tweets, and most people spend their time at work communicating via the written word. Poor writing skills will make you embarrassed in your office as you wouldn’t be able to contact your colleagues in writing properly as your emails or memos would fill up with grammatical errors.