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EQ vs IQ: What’s the difference?

EQ and IQ, EQ vs IQ

EQ vs IQ: What’s the difference?

Emotional Quotient or EQ is defined as a person’s ability to empathize with others. It’s the capability of individuals to understand his/her emotions along with the other person’s emotions whereas IQ, Intelligence Quotient indicates a person’s intelligence level and used to determine academic abilities.

Many people believe the fact that IQ is more important than EQ for a person to achieve success while according to researchers, it has been found that it’s EQ that determines the success and people with high EQ are more successful in their careers. IQ can help you to be successful to the extent of 20% and the rest of the 80% success depends on your EQ.

People having high EQ are good at evaluating, controlling and expressing emotions and they use it to facilitate their thinking process. They usually are great leaders and team players because of their innate ability to understand, empathize, and connect with other people and themselves.

While People with high IQ are good at logical reasoning. They get success with challenging tasks, ability to analyze and connect the research and development.

Differences Between EQ and IQ
The major differences between EQ and IQ are explained here:

Measure how a person recognizes emotions in themselves and others. Show a person’s ability to learn, understand, and apply his information and skills.
Emotional Intelligence General Intelligence
Learned and Improved Ability Inborn Ability
Success in Life Success in School
Understanding emotion Understanding information
Leaders, Captains, Managers, and People with social challenges. People having high intellect, common sense, mental challenges, etc.


To be successful in life, you need a combination of both EQ and IQ. Intelligence has different parameters, such as challenges, initiative, and effective teamwork ability to comprehending others people’s attitude, decision skills by reading comprehension, logical reasoning etc.

Your IQ is what determines your competencies and individual capacities, but your EQ determines how you interact with other people. It shows how you are going to deal with pressures. The difference between these two is that no one can change his/her IQ or reasoning abilities, but anyone can learn to handle emotions, to increase his chances of getting success.