What to do to crack GD (Group Discussion) and PI (Personal interviews) – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

What to do to crack GD (Group Discussion) and PI (Personal interviews)

NDIM is among the top b schools in Delhi and pays attention towards GDPI. Group discussion and Personal interview are always considered as the main gateway to enter in jobs. If we talk about the group discussion, then there will be a round table in which students get a platform to intricate and start a debate without any outside interference. In this flow of exchange of opinions and thoughts a judgment can be made of your various skills. Among PGDM colleges NDIM has got the position of Best b schools in Delhi and college prepare students for GDPI.

Few steps to prepare for GD

  1. It is must to read newspapers regularly to improve your vocabulary so that you don't fall short on content part.
  2. At the time of GD, it is a must that we should enter at the right time with the correct point, especially when others are taking a small pause. Speak loud and poised to express your words.
  3. Don’t get hyper during the GD as candidates have different opinions and consensus, so it's better to stay calm and express your opinion once you get a solid point.
  4. Always keep in mind that at the time of GD do not try to prove others wrong as it creates bad impression among judges. Remember that it is not a debate but a group discussion.
  5. Always remember to give good quality of following things to score best in GD-
    • Content
    • Team approach
    • Leadership skills
    • Communication skills
    • Analytical & logical reasoning

If we talk about personal interviews (PI), then it is equally important as GD because in one to one interview things are different as the interviewer will pay his complete attention to you and keenly observe you.

  1. Being confident is the key aspect of a successful interview. If you believe that you are a person for the job/course and are confident, then it's likely that your interviewer will believe in you as well.
  2. You should talk confidently at the time of the interview, and you can practice again and again at home and prepare yourself before going to interview. In an interview tell more about yourself, your passion, strength and your dreams. Always speak fluently without stumbling.
  3. It's important to speak in a language which you can speak easily, and have good command in the language. But it is must to brush up some basic grammar rules.
  4. To improve your language, you must listen to news in the language you will be using during the exam. It will help you to remember correct pronunciations, and you could speak flow of language.
  5. Speak loud and clear and express your thoughts in the best possible way.
  6. Many time people don't know about your resume from inside so you should be aware of everything about your resume as at any point of time your interviewer may ask about your previous education, extra-curricular activities, awards, projects, etc.

NDIM gives vision to its students for bright future and considered among the top 10 b schools in Delhi.