CAT Exam 2018 Analysis – NDIM- New Delhi Institute of Management

Analysis of the CAT 2018 exam for slot 1 and slot 2 by T.I.M.E. share that CAT 2018 did not show surprises, but there have been some changes, through the sections and the number of lengthy questions in quality control has increased. The order of the questions and the order of the options for different questions were different for the different students. VARC has remained more or less at the same level and DILR a little easier than CAT 2017. The cuts this year are expected to be slightly higher than CAT 2017.

Next, we share the complete CAT 2018 analysis in detail from the CAT Career Launcher Preparation Center (CL). The CAT 2018 analysis of CL is presented separately for slot 1 and slot 2 and in general.

Section No. of Questions No. of non-MCQ questions Difficulty Level Good Attempts
Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension 34 7 Easy 28+
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 32 8 Moderate 16+
Quantitative Ability 34 12 Difficult 15+
Total 100 27 60+

Section -1: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

VARC Sections Topics Questions Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension 5 passages 24 Average
Verbal Ability Para-Formation 4 Easy
Para Odd Man Out 3 Average
Summary 3 Difficult

Section-2: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)

  • DILR difficulty level has gone down in CAT 2018 slightly.
  • Some of the DI sets were not difficult in terms of interpretation and the questions too in these sets were not tricky in nature.
Section Topic No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Data Interpretation N*N Matrix 4 Average
ATM Machine 4 Average+
Pie-Chart 4 Easy
Satellites 4 Difficult
Logical Reasoning Committee 4 Average+
Pipes 4 Average
Institutes 4 Difficult
Exam ( diff sections ) 4 Difficult

Section 3: Quantitative Ability (QA) Analysis

  • The number of questions on Geometry was on the higher side and some of them can be considered to be moderately difficult.
  • The difficulty level of this section can be classified as being slightly higher than moderate level
Topics Sub topics No. of Questions Difficulty level
Geometry & Mensuration 7 Average
Numbers 2 Average+
Arithmetic AMA, TW, CI, TD, P&L, Ratio, Equations 15 Average
Algebra QE, Logs, Inequalities, Progressions, Coord. Geometry, Surds 7 Average+
P&C/venn diagrams 3 Average

Overall Analysis & Cut offs

  • CAT 2018 Slot-1 and Slot-2 had a marginal difference in their level of difficulty
  • Quant in Slot 2 was assessed a bit more difficult than the Slot 1 exam
  • Some questions in DILR were judged a bit more difficult.
  • VARC remained easy both in the slots.

Expected Cut Offs

Overall cut offs for CAT 2018 by IMS are shared below:

CAT 2018 Percentile Cut offs by IMS

IMS has predicted following CAT percentile cut offs at different range of scores:

Percentile VA-RC Score DI-LR Score QA Score Overall Score
85% 40 to 41 28 to 29 25 to 26 90 to 95
90% 45 to 46 32 to 33 29 to 30 95 to 100
95% 50 to 51 38 to 39 35 to 36 105 to 110
97 to 98% 54 to 55 46 to 47 44 to 45 120 to 125
99% 58 to 60 50 to 52 48 to 50 140 to 145

All information on the analysis and scores is based on the accuracy of the attempts made by individuals, as well as on the sources analysis by T.I.M.E & Career Launcher. We are not responsible for any decisions that may be made based on this information.