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The Big 5 Personality traits that companies look while hiring candidates

Big 5 Personality

Different people respond differently at situations. Your interviewer will judge you from your five personality traits. The interviewer calls it as OCEAN traits which are known as Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. OCEAN traits are the building blocks of our personality.

Let's get in deep into the OCEAN -


Open minded people have a broad range of interests in learning new things, more imaginative, adventurous and creative. They are open to love to learn new things, tackling new challenges, think abstract concepts


People having Conscientiousness trait in personality have high levels of thoughtfulness, self-motivation and are goal oriented. They are ambitious with their work and can work confidently when well prepared.


Extroverts are more talkative, social, assertive and emotionally expressive. Individuals who are high in extraversion are outgoing and love to interact with new people.


People who have agreeableness trait in them are compassionate, friendly and cooperative. These people always care about others and enjoy helping other people.


Neuroticism is the emotional stability of a person. If someone is high in neuroticism, they are moody and tensed. Sometimes they experience the problem that was not even there, feel anxious and take more stress.

Your interviewer will put you in some or the other situation by assigning you some task and see how you deal with that situation. These tasks will tell about your OCEAN personality traits to the interviewer. Every candidate should have the right balance of OCEAN to impress the interviewer.

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