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7 things to do when you are in MBA College

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Before stepping your foot out in the management program, it is necessary for you to know the harsh reality of some (Word “most” is appropriate I guess) of the MBA colleges in India. It is beneficial for us if we get to know about every aspect of the MBA colleges, good or bad. Mostly, if we follow the bad ones, then it’s like filtering the good ones instinctively.

The track of top colleges of MBA in Delhi for providing excellence in management education is also progressing in some diverse direction, that is they are failing to deliver a fine education.

Institutions are obstinate, not to develop their basic infrastructures.

  • If a college offers more specialization and better infrastructure for their graduates, then it will bring more interest in students to dive into studies. Despite, institutions only care about their business and money, that turns out a poor conclusion. The student won’t get any good environment for their learning and thus they have to deal with unemployment even after completing an MBA.
  • Even if for some reasons the institute shifts its focus to improve its basic infrastructure, then the unwholesome atmosphere created by the floppy students stops them to bring any changes. Sometimes top 10 b schools in Delhi also face this type of scenario.

No graveness on Students feedback.

  • Every college in the country including MBA Colleges in Delhi takes feedback from their students about faculty, curriculum, environment and how much they are getting involved in learning the basics and major aspects of the business field.
  • But they won’t act seriously on their suggestions or remark, thus in the end student never get what they deserved or thought.

Fake Promises to fall students in the trap.

  • To get their seats filled with students and bank accounts with the heavy sum, many MBA Colleges in India pledges to fulfil fake promises. Students get magnetize by the institutions’ charming obligations and thus repent in future for their dollish decision.

Lack of Industry exposure

  • Students skill did not get nourished, they did not get to know that how a business runs and works. Lack of knowledge about industries working criteria brings them in the middle of nowhere.

Senescent Curriculum

  • Most of the colleges lacking their performances to deliver real education because of the old syllabus they’re following. The market is growing, and it needs an employee with knowledge according to the current situation. Therefore, students from these colleges don’t comply with the demands of corporate.

Easy Enrollment Process

  • Taking admission for an MBA program is much simpler as eating an apple. Students who score a minimum of 50% marks in their graduates can also apply for the same. This easy enrollment process, most of the times affects attributes of a college to provide superfinely education to the MBA aspirants, and top Colleges of MBA in Delhi are not left alone. A good atmosphere of many institutes becomes worst because of some unorganised students most of the times, and once an atmosphere gets worse the part of education drops to the average level.
  • Students who are an average scorer and having sincere behaviour don’t take wrong, but this is the true reality.

MBA Colleges in Delhi hires frivolous faculty

  • Most of the MBA school in Delhi are failing to develop leaders because of their poor infrastructure and lack of skilled faculties.  
  • Least experienced faculty couldn’t intimate necessary skills, they fail to build leadership qualities in a student and most of all they couldn’t guide a student in a direction where he/she find their true roll in the market.


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