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5 Ways to Think Outside of the Box

think outside the box

To do things differently, you need to think out of the box and make everyone feel impressed with your work. Thinking outside the box means creative thinking and solving a problem in new innovative ways. The exercise of thinking outside the box starts before we are boxed in, i.e. when we face a strange situation and moving it into a known box.
Below skills will beef up your out of the box thinking skills-

Study another industry

Search for some content which is different from your industry. You too might have got bored by studying the topics which you experience in your daily life. You will be able to relate your problem and find some solution to deal with your problem. Having knowledge of different sectors will be an advantage for you as new techniques and practices are frequently introduced.

Talk to strangers

No matter whether you are an Introvert or Extrovert, involving in conversation with a stranger while shopping or on vacation will let you know their viewpoint and differences between you. You will get new ideas and get inspired by their culture, behaviour and way they speak.

Take advice of child

Children are inherently creative. You can take their advice by asking them what they would do if they get stuck in any problem or even you can also think like a kid and find a solution to your problem.

Know another religion

Learning about other religion can teach you how people are connected to each other and the entire world. It helps in developing mental flexibility as you will notice how different religion act differently in the same situation.

Start writing poem

Write a poem about a problem you are facing. It sounds foolish, but it is a good way to think outside the box. The purpose is to divert your mind. The creative part of your brain will get active, and you will surely find a way ahead of your problem.
The students of NDIM b school in Delhi get a bigger platform, more exposure and also develop creative thinking. PGDM course focuses on the integrated development of individual and collective spirit, to enable the students in actually adapting to the realities of the corporate world and proactively responding to the challenges arising in the globally changing environment.