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5 Skills that will boost your career as an MBA

Students get enrolled for various courses to fast track their career. Apart from studies and extracurricular activities, NDIM b school in delhi help students in building skills which will help them to qualify job interview, lead a team and get entitled for a promotion. At NDIM, faculty groom the overall personality of a student which is essential is globalised era. There are some basic skills like good communication, Analytical thinking, Computer literacy, reading and writing which every student must possess irrespective of their fields. An extensive Personality Development Programme at NDIM will emphasis on Holistic development of the student to be Industry ready.

Apart from these core competencies, there are some advanced skills which are universally applicable. During two years at NDIM, students will be inherited with these advanced skills


Leadership creates an inspiring vision of the future. It is proactive and inspires people. At best b school in Delhi, i.e. NDIM, students will get various opportunities to lead the team as they will be assigned group projects from time to time in which they can represent their leadership skills.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the efficiency of using gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops in the best possible way to learn new things. Digital literate person will have the ability to engage in social network and online communities through various applications. A person with Digital literacy can effectively possess the skills necessary to engage with the web such as collecting, data, raising voice online, self awareness, social network, etc.

Emotional Intelligence

It is the capacity to express and control self-emotions and others too. Candidates develop the right balance of Emotional Intelligence while studying at NDIM which is one of the top MBA college in delhi. EI (Emotional Intelligence) consists of Empathy, Internal motivation, Self-regulation and Relationship management. One must reconnect to their core emotions in order to emotionally healthy and emotionally intelligent.  


Teamwork is a dynamic and behavioural process involving two or more people working together to achieve desired goals and objectives. Teamwork requires efficient utilisation of resources. At NDIM, b school on delhi students will learn problem-solving skills while working in the team and will be clear about their roles and responsibilities.

Creative thinking

It is the power of thinking outside the box by developing new ways to do things. Every individual reacts differently to a different situation. Creative thinkers suggests unorthodox solution from a fresh perspective whatever be the problem is. NDIM has been very successful in imparting Creative thinking skills among students which help them to develop competencies for creating and implementing solutions. After completing PGDM course at NDIM, candidates groom their overall personality which is most important in global era and be an active participant in reshaping the Nation's destiny.