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3 Management Principles to unleash Quality leader attributes

3 Management Principles to unleash Quality leader attributes

Management is not something that can be taught. It is an art that needs to be practised to excel. But yes we can lay foundations and management principles as footsteps to be a quality leader. Following these principles, I can guarantee you would be able to manage yourself, your team and your business.

#Management Principle 1 -- Managing yourself

Rightly said, "Charity starts at home".

Create Vision

Then let's begin with it. To manage yourself it is very important to refine your vision. This process involves evaluating the current position and reexamining future goals. You can't build a strong business if your foundations are weak. Have a clear leadership vision to guide others.

Take Ownership and responsibility for growth

To innovate and explore taking ownership is very important. Take out an agenda from the vision and get on it. It is not necessary for you to have a team under you working, taking ownership likely improves job satisfaction and hence adding quality to your work.

Increase Your desire to learn

Don't let ego get in your way of growth. You should understand that learning is a lifetime process. No matter what level you are there is always a scope of learning. Seek and explore your field, go out and look for challenging work. This initiates growth spirit in the whole team.

Be Open for Criticism

Constructive criticism is essential for innovation and growth. You won't believe quality leaders seek out for criticism. Critique is an efficient way to test ideas and also keeps team members accountable.

#Management Principle 2 -- Managing your team

Lead Confidently

You yourself should be accounted for. Ask yourself 2 basic questions.
  • What is your Vision?
  • Why should people follow you?
If you struggle to answer the first, I suggest you go back to the top and start it all over, because if you yourself are in doubt about your vision, no one else will be following you. Confidence in your vision makes other people believe in you which is crucial for them to work efficiently for you.

Avoid Tendencies of a Bad Boss

Avoid attributes like self-delusion and heedlessness. Self-delusion is a tendency to estimate their skill set above all. This is a major roadblock in team development. Heedlessness is the kind of behaviour observed in head noch people of the department. This involves tendencies of being less curious and aware of people under them.

Bring Out Their Best

When you have "X" number of minds working for you why rely only on your own intelligence. Bring out ideas for your team, encourage openness and try to develop a healthy challenging environment.

#Management Principle 3 - Managing your Business

You while dealing with new employees and a third party, we have a tendency of having to create an impression, and all our judgments are based on that. Having permanent views confines you for opportunities and even endangers you in some cases.

Measure Inputs not just results

It's not only about the numbers, in the long run, but Results also involve a wide range of matrices. Revenue calculations involve profits, customer retention, product quality and referral rates. Now derive inputs accordingly to optimise revenue

Learn more about customer retention to add loads value to your revenue These principles are not just it. Consider these as foundations to grow your business around.

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet" - Henry Mintzberg.

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